Post Docs Newcastle

Dr Dragos Neagu


Dr Kelly Kousi has been a research associate in Newcastle University since April 2017. She has an MRes (2013) and a Phd (2016) on ‘Catalysis for Environmental Protection and Clean Energy Production’ by the University of Patras. She then worked as post-doctoral research associate at the department of Chemical Engineering for one year funded by HELBIO (development, design and commercialization of hydrogen, electricity and heat production systems using fuel cells) under the supervision of Prof. X. Verykios. She has an interest in new materials and structures for different catalytic applications and is currently focusing on emergent nanomaterials for energy conversion processes.



Dr Chenyang Tang is a post-doctoral Research Associate in the School of Engineering at Newcastle University. He received BEng degrees from both University of Birmingham and Beijing University of Chemical Technology in 2015, and then moved to Newcastle University for PhD study under the supervision of Prof. Ian Metcalfe. After that, he continued to work in the same group as a research associate from 2020. His research interests lie in the new material development, characterisation and application in catalytic processes. He is currently working on the ‘Emergent Nanomaterials’ project to develop novel catalytic materials through exsolution of active metal nanoparticles from perovskite-type oxides..