Post Docs Imperial

Dr Gwilherm Kerherve has been a research associate at Imperial since 2015. Gwilherm obtained his PhD in 2002 at the University of Liverpool studying the production and adsorption of noble metal clusters on Alumina surface. He then worked for two years as a Research Associate at the Max-Planck Institut fűr Mikrostrukturphysik in Halle / Germany developing efficient electron detectors for electron time-of-flight (e-TOF) measurements under coincidence conditions. Between 2004 and 2015, Gwilherm then went on working for Omicron and VG Scienta developing and managing various kinds of UHV systems: standard XPS, UPS, TPD, HREELS, Molecular Beam Scattering, ambient pressure XPS. His interests include mainly the investigation and characterisation of emergent nanomaterials using XPS.


Dr Eleanore Cali